Bal Ganesh 3 (2015)

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Synopsis: The popular film franchise , Bal Ganesh is back again with 3 times more fun and adventure. In this 3rd installment the exploits of Bal Ganesh have spread beyond the planet Earth to other planets in the Universe. The earlier stories have attracted the alien kids from planet “Zeba” who have come down on a class excursion, in search of more entertaining stories of their favorite God .They come across the 3 mice (devotees of Bal Ganesh ie. Dhoti, Topi & Suit Boot), who gladly share stories of Bal Ganesh’s exploits with demons like Matyasur , Sindhu , Chanchalasur and more The movie is filled with foot–tapping music and great humor providing complete entertainment to viewers of all ages. Bal Ganesh 3 reveals many more interesting stories from the Indian Mythology, of the popular elephant – headed God , in a fun and adventurous way.

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